About Us


Kiddie Kobbler St Laurent has been proudly located in Ottawa fitting thousands of families a year since 1983.  Rob "the Shoeman" and his thoroughly trained staff have been fitting families for all types of footwear for over 36 years!  We have an excellent understanding of children's growing feet, along with great product knowledge to guarantee the proper fit. We carry a massive inventory from baby up to adult sizes, showcasing many high quality brands that work within all budgets. We pride ourselves on a truly unique shopping experience that offers expert and friendly service to achieve the perfect fit every time. We are successful because our love of children is at the center of everything we do!



We pride ourselves on our connection to the community, both locally and across Canada! Kiddie Kobbler St Laurent makes an effort to support other local businesses and we always offer as much Canadian-made product as possible. We have on-site footwear donation bins (in association with Shoe Bank Canada) which allow outgrown and unwanted footwear to be passed on to someone in need. We are also currently taking donations of new pyjamas for local children through the program Pyjama Patrol. Visit our Facebook or Instagram pages for more info of what we're up to and how you can join in!




For over 37 years, Rob 'The Shoeman' Krantzberg has fit literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of children for shoes at his Kiddie Kobbler store on St. Laurent Blvd. Many parents bring their children into the store because 'The Shoeman' fit them for their first pair of shoes many years ago. Although it makes "The Shoeman" feel old, he loves being able to fit the next generation coming in to visit him now. You have to admit, it's pretty amazing for children to remember "The Shoeman" fitting them for their first pair of shoes... But then again, Rob 'The Shoeman' is one pretty amazing guy.