Measuring Help

How to determine the size your child needs

First step - measuring! If you are looking to e-mail us for a virtual fitting, or would like to look up your child's size on our awesome size chart, you will need to know how long your child's foot is. Option 1: measure your child's foot standing up straight and tall against a wall with a ruler or tape measure. Option 2: trace your child's foot and measure the trace from heel to toe. 

For a virtual fitting please let us know the length of your child's foot in centimetres (or inches if you don't have a way to measure in cm) and a photo of their feet, or description of the width/depth and shape of their feet. 

Please note:For most pieces of footwear we DO NOT recommend purchasing the size that your child measures for room to grow. This applies to the printable tool as well. As a general rule, you should look for shoes 0.5-1 size bigger than your child's foot (about 1cm). See fit tips section for more info.

Printable measuring tool

Stride Rite also has a great printable tool. This is often a bit easier for small babies and toddlers when even top-knotch baby wrangling skills can't produce consistent measurements. Click HERE to access the printable measuring tool by Stride Rite. Remember to print at 100% scale for accuracy!

Fit tips

We have been adding fit tips to each individual product page to help you size your child properly for each model of shoe. The fit tips in the product description will instruct you to add a certain number of sizes to the size your child measures for room to grow. E.g. you measure your 3 year old at a size 8. A product page may instruct you to add "0.5-1 size for room to grow". In that shoe you should purchase an 8.5 or 9 for the proper fit.